Elder Bird

Elder Bird

Sunday, October 11, 2015

9 weeks is long but I wouldn't trade the experiences for nothing

Hey everybody how are you doing?  I hope all is well.  I love all of you and the support you have given me so far on my mission.  Well to start Monday was our first day at BYU ELC.  It was so much fun to get off campus for 4 hrs and observe and plan lessons.  The foreign students that are there to learn english are so funny and fun to be around.  I can't believe how humble they are and how much they have given up to be here and learn English.  We get to do these things called talk abouts where we go around for like 40 min and just talk to the students about whatever so they can practice their english skills.  The picture I sent of those two sisters was my first time doing a talk about.  They told me about where they are from and their first experience watching conference in english. This Monday me and my companion are teaching our first English class, to the class called foundations prep.  Which means they are the most beginner students at the ELC.  I can't wait it has been so much fun observing it will be even better teaching.  They don't let us eat anything outside the MTC which is a bummer.  The ELC is over by the Football field at BYU so there really isn't anywhere close to eat anyway.  Me and my companion have been teaching our investigators and we have one committed to baptism, even though they are our teachers the experience is a lot the same.  Mongolian is coming we are getting pretty good at teaching lessons, we haven't learned how to do a lot else so I guess if I get lost in mongolia I will be able to teach people the gospel but not be able to ask how to get to my apartment from here jk.  Let me just say conference was amazing I learned so much.  My absolute favorite talk was Elder Jeffery R. Holland's about mothers.  He opened my eyes and made me realize how much my mom does love me and I should never take that for granted.  I love you so much mom and I hope you know that.  I also enjoyed Elder Bednars talk on how important prophets and apostles are.  They are older and have had more life experience for a reason, they have been our age before, but we have not been theirs.  I loved hearing from the Prophet especially the talk he gave during Priesthood session.  He said we need to follow the commandments, strait to the point.  It is so important for our lives and our salvation to do so, it is also a way we show our faith.  I learned so much from our apostles and prophets and hope I can apply everything I learned to my mission.  I also liked the talk by, I can't think of his name because I don't have my notes.  He talked about how him and his family started ponderizing scriptures.  I think it is so cool and I am gonna start doing that every week.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a testimony of the restored Gospel.  I have testimony that God the Father and His son Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith.  I also know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us and wants only the best for us.  We need to follow the teachings of the prophet and keep the commandments so we can be worthy of the holy spirit.  I love all of you so much and hope you have a great week.

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