Elder Bird

Elder Bird

Sunday, January 31, 2016

  Hey Everybody hope you have had a great week I know I have.  This was week 2 of the BYU ELC experience.  It is so nice to get away from the MTC and just be at a University again.  Don't get me wrong I like the MTC, but a break is always nice.  On Monday we got to teach a class for 65 minutes it was a lot of fun.  We taught the Class called Foundations Prep and it is the most beginning level English learners the ELC has. They were such a fun group to teach.  We had one lady named Carol from Argentina.  2 from South Korea they are actually a husband and wife which was fun.  1 man from Mexico and man was he funny.  1 man from Paraguay he came late so we did not get to ask him as much about himself. 1 man from Haiti and man was he a character he really made the class fun.  1 man from Brazil he was really cool as well.  It was a small class only 7 students but it was so much fun to teach.  Then just Yesterday we got to watch the video of ourselves teaching and receive feedback from one of the professors at the ELC.  It was a great experience and I think both me and my companion learned a lot.  We then got to do what the ELC calls English for Lunch, where half of the student body comes and they do activities and have fun so they can practice their English skills it was as lot of fun.  We were the first group to teach so all next week we just get to observe other classes which is so much fun.  I will have a picture of all of us at the ELC with our instructors coming soon. 
            I am learning so much here at the MTC and can't believe I am leaving here so soon.  I am starting to get really excited and a little bit scared.  I have never had so many spiritual experiences at one time.  I have grown so much here, but know it is gonna be a completely different world out there.  My teachers have told us about a lot of the unique stuff about Mongolia.  They showed us pictures of the holidays there and what they do.  They showed us a lot of pictures of the different food they eat there.  We also got to see some of the clothing from there as you saw from my picture I sent of Elder Espinoza.  I can't wait it is gonna be such an adventure.  They tell us all the time how it will be a humbling experience when we see the poverty over there.  I can't wait to serve the Lord and his Children over in Mongolia.  
             Sounds like everyone is doing well.  I want to thank everyone for their support and letting me know things are going in their lives.  I want to wish Carter my little cousin a happy birthday.  I miss so much him coming to my house and us hanging out together.  I hope everyone has a good week and I will talk with you again next Friday.  Love you all!!

Elder Bird              

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