Elder Bird

Elder Bird

Monday, August 31, 2015

My Acceptance Letter

Dear Brethren
Having been called to serve as missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I Hunter Paul Bird accept this call and all the duties and responsibilities that accompanies it. I will serve with diligence and to the best of my ability with the help of the Savior Jesus Christ. I have been awaiting this opportunity to serve since I was a young boy and cannot wait to become a full time missionary. I will strive to be like the Savior and bring many souls unto him, and help grow the kingdom of God here on earth. Our Savior Jesus Christ spent his life serving us and establishing the kingdom of God, and I am willing to sacrifice two years of my life to help spread the gospel to all ends of the Earth. I know I was called to serve in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar mission for a purpose, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and teach the Mongolian people, I also know it is where the Lord wants me to be. I understand this will be one of the hardest challenges I will face, but am ready to learn and grow from it. Again, I am humbled to be a Missionary of God and accept this privilege to be part of his great and marvelous work here on earth.

Elder Hunter Bird

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